Extreme E has officially kicked off with the completion of the inaugural Desert X-Prix! We dive into the action packed weekend from the first race and celebrate a dominant performance by recent Purple Sector show guests Molly Taylor and Johan Kristoffersson of Rosberg Xtreme Racing as they took the top step in Saudi Arabia. The Mail Box Box Box is open and we get into the weeds of why the Formula 1 points system is the way it is and what the method is behind the madness of the Formula 1 prize fund! Last but not least, we cover plenty of Formula 1 news, as Helmut Marko continues to bad mouth Pierre Gasly publicly, Toto Wolff says he feels the “pump” like fellow Austrian Arnold Schwarzenegger, Nico Hulkenberg is confirmed as Aston Martin’s third and developmental driver, and MotoGP is getting their own “Drive to Survive” treatment on Amazon Prime soon! All this and much more on another entertaining episode of Purple Sector!

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