It is Monaco week! The wait is over and a lot of new F1 fans are going to get their first taste of the most ridiculous race in the entire world. We begin by opening the MailBoxBoxBox with a massive thank you to one of our loyal listeners Sam who is donating an old racing wheel and pedals for our sim rig setup! We also get into plenty of news! Lewis Hamilton thinks spending hours in the simulator and doing track walks is for losers, and he may be right (Bottas loves both!) Romain Grosjean is now Poleman Grosjean in IndyCar as he earned his first pole position since his GP2 days! Zak Brown jumps in on the mind games in the paddock and says he thinks it is only a matter of time before Max and Lewis start making contact in races and wrecking each other. Some employees at Williams who used to work with Hamilton when he was younger believe that George Russell could be the second coming of Lewis Hamilton… we aren’t buying it yet or anytime soon. Liberty Media’s former CEO Greg Maffei has stated they were laughed at and called “dumb Americans” when they initially proposed their budget cap ideas to the F1 paddock. Last but not least, we noticed some cool little details on Fernando Alonso’s bike frame in one of his recent Instagram stories. Tune in for another fun episode of Purple Sector!

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