Tune in for our F1 Styrian Grand Rixcap! Valtteri Bottas was spinning in the pit lane during practice. Max Verstappen had a “simply lovely” lap to claim pole position. There are no gentleman drivers in Formula 1. Fernando Alonso is having a ball out there. Lando Norris has put McLaren and Daniel Ricciardo on his back against Ferrari. Charles Leclerc drove like an asshole to earn Driver of the Day and loves cursing on the broadcast. The Sky guys gave us some great audio clips, and Martin Brundle did a car impersonation. The rain never came, but Max gave us a dangerous burnout at the checkered flag. We break it all down so you’ll be ready to race in Austria again this weekend! SUBSCRIBE to Purple Sector wherever you get your podcasts FOLLOW @PurpleSectorPod on Instagram and Twitter CALL/TEXT Purple Sector at +1 904-8-PURPLE

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