Tune in for our preview of the F1 British Grand Prix! We are stoked to see how the sprint race weekend format shakes out at Silverstone. There will be extra points, action, parades, wreaths, and fans! News is breaking around Aston Martin and McLaren, and the 2022 Formula 1 car was leaked then revealed to be a disco ball with wheels. We open a bulging MailBoxBoxBox to reveal a fun voicemail, more name pronunciation debates around Valtteri Bottas, Lewis Hamilton and friends at Paris Fashion Week, Purple Sector t-shirts around the world, and a new Formula Brunch friend from the land Down Under. We tell you everything you need to know about the sprint format for this weekend’s race. We also wonder how McLaren will perform with all the craziness in their camp. George Russell apparently bought his special hemet for this weekend in a London gift shop. Will Formula Brunch this weekend turn into a tea party? SUBSCRIBE to Purple Sector wherever you get your podcasts FOLLOW @PurpleSectorPod on Instagram and Twitter CALL/TEXT Purple Sector at +1 904-8-PURPLE

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