Tune in for our recap of the non-prix that was the F1 Belgian Grand Prix… The drivers may have only gotten half points, but Purple Sector listeners get a full episode! Practice sessions gave us lots of action with Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc hitting the barrier, Kimi Raikkonen clipping the pit wall, and Fernando Alonso letting us look through his visor with the helmet cam. We also do Helmut on Helmets to discuss specialty lids from Yuki Tsunoda, Pierre Gasly, Mick Schumacher, and others. Rain brought us excitement on Saturday with a hectic Qualifying, Lance Stroll cussing, Lando Norris wrecking, and George Russell flying! Rain brought us mainly the Mercedes Safety Car on Sunday with fans gutting out the weather, Nikita Mazepin scoring fastest lap, zero retirements (thanks to the Red Bull mechanics), and a “race” shorter than the Formula 1 theme song. We did learn that Pierre Gasly loves sausages, and had it confirmed once again that Lewis Hamilton does not like people pooping in his toilets. A bizarre podium was an awkward bookend to the weekend in Belgium with a trophy that felt as incomplete as the Sunday letdown. Can we get our money back? As is tradition, we discussed the Iceman’s potential retirement which was promptly announced seconds after we finished recording. Enjoy Kimi while we still get to watch him at Alfa Romeo in his final season! SUBSCRIBE to Purple Sector wherever you get your podcasts FOLLOW @PurpleSectorPod on Instagram and Twitter CALL/TEXT Purple Sector at +1 904-8-PURPLE

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