We have a very special episode of Purple Sector today as we not only preview the Mexican Grand Prix this weekend, but we also hop on the phone with Reid Yager who was a corporate guest of McLaren in the paddock club at Austin. First and foremost, Mut and RyGuy breakdown the very fun video that F1 finally posted of the free throw contest at the United States Grand Prix. Some drivers definitely surprised us with the quality of their shooting, and others downright disappointed. There is also some great news to get into as we discuss the WWE providing a “title belt” to Jamie Chadwick after she won the W Series championship for a second year in a row. The F1 “Overtaking Award” is getting very tight as we head into the final races of the season. Does Sebastian Vettel have what it takes to hang onto the top spot? Fernando Alonso and Carlos Sainz are nipping at his heels… Lastly, it seems that the Andretti and Sauber deal for a potential takeover of that F1 team has fallen through, which is unfortunate to say the least. Sigh. The engines will be firing up in Mexico this weekend, with everything and then some on the line for the championship still between both Max and Lewis, and their respective teams. Will Red Bull have a “Perez problem” on their hands if Checo is dialed in this weekend? Would the Mexican fans burn the place down if they swap Max for Checo late in the race for the win? What can Mercedes do this weekend to claw as much performance out of their package at altitude in Mexico City? Would they dare give Hamilton a new engine and grid penalty? And most importantly, is everyone sleeping on Ferrari this weekend? We answer all these questions and more in our Mexican Grand Prix preview. We were fortunate to be joined by our good friend Reid Yager for an interview today. Reid is the Global Director of communications and PR for Blokhaus, the company that manages the marketing and PR for the Tezos blockchain eco-system which sponsors both McLaren and Red Bull. Reid was lucky enough to be the corporate guest of McLaren in Austin for the United States Grand Prix and we have a fun chat with him about how the whole experience went. Not only did Reid get to enjoy the lavish accommodations of the paddock club but he also got to meet Zak Brown and Pierre Gasly! Tune in as Reid gives us all kinds of juicy details from behind the curtain in Austin!

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