Tune in for our recap of the crazy F1 Brazilian aka Sãu Paulo Grand Prix! The stewards were busy all weekend, and Lewis Hamilton got busy in Brazil. Max Verstappen was fined 50,000 Euro while Lewis Hamilton stacked up a total of 25 spots worth of penalties over the Formula 1 Sprint weekend. Why was Nikita Mazepin crying to the media? What is the best way to kidnap a steward? When did Toto Wolff transform into a werewolf? Who will actually win the Championships this season?! Can F1 find any more duties for Felipe Massa? We discuss all those happenings and so much more from the insanity that was the Brazilian Sprint weekend. SUBSCRIBE to Purple Sector wherever you get your podcasts FOLLOW @PurpleSectorPod on Instagram and Twitter CALL/TEXT Purple Sector at +1 904-8-PURPLE

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