Tune in for a fun episode re-recapping the F1 British Grand Prix, discussing RyGuy’s solo eps, and emptying a packed Mailboxboxbox!

RyGuy already broke down the British Grand Prix, but now it’s Helmut’s turn to chime in. We talk tires, Halo, Tom Cruise, trophies, Mick Schumacher, finger wags, the Overtake King, and haircuts.

Mut’s feedback on RyGuy’s solo eps covers video game movies, Angela’s new scooter, and dad bods.

The Mailboxboxbox is loaded with reactions to the Formula 1 Austrian Grand Prix and Formula Brunch menus. RyGuy gets more shoutouts for his solo runs, the new cars work, Daniel Ricciardo is still worrying us, and coffee is delicious. We have the best listeners!

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