We hope you all had a wonderful Spa day on Sunday, we know Max Verstappen did. As for the rest of the competition, they’ve been left completely bamboozled by Max Verstappen and Red Bull’s insane pace at this track.

Tune in as RyGuy breaks down all of the action, calamity, and comedy from the Belgian Grand Prix in another rare solo episode.

Can anyone stop Max Verstappen? Is Charles Leclerc and the Ferrari team in general an absolute clown show? Does Daniel Ricciardo even enjoy motorsport anymore or is he simply punching the clock at this point? Do you like guys flying by your grandstand wearing a jet pack? Do you like the idea of eating dinner floating 150 feet in the air from a crane?

Spa brought the weirdness this year and we loved it. Tune in for our race weekend breakdown of the Belgian Grand Prix!

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