Tune in for our preview of the F1 Mexican Grand Prix!

Red Bull got hammered for exceeding the cost cap last season. They were fined $7,000,000 and hit with a 10% reduction in car development time for their 2023 car. Aston Martin was fined $450,000 for their overspending on catering, desks, and chairs. Fernando Alonso also got back his 7th place in the United States Grand Prix, and Lewis Hamilton wants a multi-year contract.

Buckle up for the festival that is the Formula 1 Mexico City Grand Prix! Drivers are posing with the scary sugar skull mascot and making guacamole. The stadium section on this track always brings the energy and an epic party on the podium. The thin air of Mexico City also brings exciting racing and potential reliability issues.

Prep your Mexican Ashtrays for Formula Brunch. Vamos!

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