Tune in for an Aussie Mailboxboxbox and some breaking news! Listeners hit us up about how they’re still buzzing and doing shoeys after Daniel Ricciardo’s win at the F1 Italian Grand Prix. There were also more thoughts on Sergio Perez’s tuna pizza. With only one seat seemingly available on the grid, the Silly Season rumors are swirling at Alfa Romeo. Antonio Giovinazzi and Guanyu Zhou have Italy and China in a bidding war. Martin Whitmarsh was announced as Aston Martin Performance Technologies Group CEO, and Larry Stroll is already demanding Championships and a 1 billion pound valuation in 4-5 years. Lewis Hamilton was spared injury in the Maxxident by the halo’s London Bus vertical load requirement (or 109 Arnold Schwarzeneggers). Daniel Ricciardo spilled the beans to GQ about his race day diet, and it doesn’t actually include beans. Of course, we inevitably discuss pee and poop around Esteban Ocon’s piss test and Charles Leclerc’s diarrhea. The last couple weeks have also been difficult for squirrels. Romain Grosjean gets some praise for another podium in IndyCar at Laguna Seca. Finally, we close out the episode with Helmut on Helmets breaking down the lovely lids at Monza. SUBSCRIBE to Purple Sector wherever you get your podcasts FOLLOW @PurpleSectorPod on Instagram and Twitter CALL/TEXT Purple Sector at +1 904-8-PURPLE

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